If you are concerned about a possible cardiac problem in your patient, we are a first point of contact for the community to minimize patient risk. Patients referred to RACC™ cardiology clinic will be seen by the next available cardiologist.

Who can refer to RACC™?

We welcome direct referrals for consultations from all healthcare providers eligible to refer patients, including:

  • Community physicians specializing in family medicine and primary care centres.
  • All other specialists and sub-specialists including physicians in Urgent Care Centres and Emergency Departments. 

Please complete the referral form and fax to our clinic.

Please fax completed referral to 403-571-6990.

Referral Criteria

RACC™ accepts referrals for the following:

  • Chest pain
  • Abnormal cardiac test results (including ECG) or new/changed physical findings (e.g., murmur). Note this may generate an e-consult or phone consult.
  • New atrial fibrillation/atrial flutter/SVT
  • Dyspnea/"CHF" with evidence of cardiac involvement (echo, NT-pro BNP or Troponin, ECG, MPI)
  • Dyspnea in male >50 years | females >60 years
  • Palpitations if associated with syncope, abnormal echocardiogram, or evidence of arrhythmia on ECG/Holter
  • Syncope with history of heart disease, abnormal ECG/abnormal precordial exam or within setting of documented arrhythmia

Goals of RACC™ cardiology clinic

RACC™ is supported by highly trained clinical staff and in-house cardio-diagnostic testing. Referred patients will be seen by the next available cardiologist. Our goals are to:

  • Provide an innovative and rapid assessment option for patients with any cardiac symptoms.
  • Provide a consistent and standardized, patient-focused approach to evaluation of cardiac symptoms.
  • Act as a reliable and accessible resource for all emergency/urgent care and community physicians.
  • Ease pressure on emergency departments, urgent care centres, and community clinics by meaningfully reducing wait times and repeat visits.
  • Offer timely assessment of symptoms and clinically appropriate testing to provide patients to offer them reassurance.
  • Educate patients about cardiovascular disease prevention and promote good life style and modify or eliminate poor habits.

Consultation with Cardiologist of Choice

You may still request a consultation with a specific cardiologist (of your (or your patient's choice), directly through their office. Appointment wait times vary by individual office and your patient and/or your office will be contacted by them directly with an appointment time.

TotalCardiology has several cardiologists on staff who speak several languages, including Punjabi, Urdu, Hindu, Mandarin, French, German, Italian, and Farsi (Persian).