Cardiology Consultation | Urgent and Non-Urgent

Team-based medical management model with compassionate, multilingual clinical team.

Urgent Cardiology Consultations 
Referrals are managed by our Rapid Access Cardiology Clinic (RACCTM) for the following clinical criteria:

  • Chest pain
  • Abnormal cardiac test results (including ECG) or new/changed physical findings (e.g., murmur). Note this may generate an e-consult or phone consult.
  • New atrial fibrillation/atrial flutter/SVT
  • Dyspnea/"CHF" with evidence of cardiac involvement (echo, NT-pro BNP or Troponin, ECG, MPI)
  • Dyspnea in male >50 years | females >60 years
  • Palpitations if associated with syncope, abnormal echocardiogram, or evidence of arrhythmia on ECG/Holter
  • Syncope with history of heart disease, abnormal ECG/abnormal precordial exam or within setting of documented arrhythmia

Non-Urgent Cardiology Consultations
Referrers have the choice of referring directly to a specific cardiologist or next available provider.

Specific cardiologist - refer to our cardiologist directory below.  Wait times vary by office. Please contact office directly for more information.

Next available provider - All referred patients are triaged according to risk stratification to next available cardiologist.

Dr. S. Aggarwal

Phone: (403) 571-8607
Fax: 403-776-7673

Dr. T. Boyne

Phone: (403) 571-6962
Fax: 587-997-4514

Dr. M. Figura (Slovak, Czech)

Phone: (403) 571-8688
Fax: 587-997-4517

Dr. N. Filipchuk

Phone: (403) 571-8609
Fax: 587-997-4515

Dr. H. Habibi (Persian [Farsi])

Phone: (403) 215-2233
Fax: 587-997-4519

Dr. Umair Iftikhar (French Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu)

Phone: (403) 571-8616
Fax: 587-997-4520

Dr. R. Kanani (Languages: Gujarati)

Phone: (403) 571-8687
Fax: 587-997-4521

Dr. M. Kazmi (Urdu)

Phone: (403) 215-2223
Fax: 587-997-4522

Dr. P. Ma (Cantonese, Chinese)

Phone: (403) 571-6952
Fax: 587-997-4523

Dr. I. Mylonas (Greek)

Phone: (403) 231-7965
Fax: 587-997-4518

Dr. G. Peters

Phone: (403) 231-7968
Fax: 403-776-7680