What to Expect | Before Your Appointment

Patients booked for urgent consultations (managed through our RACC clinic) will  receive a call and/or letter with your appointment information.  In some cases, tests may be booked prior to your appointment to provide the doctor with more information.

  • Write down your symptoms, including recent changes, and any questions or concerns you would like to discuss.

If you have any questions before your appointment, please call (403) 571-8641.If you are unable to attend your appointment, please call us 24 hours in advance to cancel or reschedule. No shows will be charged a cancellation fee.

What to Bring | Day of Appointment

Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time. 

Bring your Alberta Health Care card and a piece of government-issued photo identification.

Bring a list of your current medications including any vitamins, herbal remedies, supplements, and over-the-counter drugs.  The list should include the name of the medication, the dose (amount taken) and how often you take each medication.

✔ Please avoid any lotions, creams or perfumes on your chest area the day of your appointment.

✔ If you require a translator, please bring one with you to your appointment.

✔ Wear a comfortable top that is easy to remove as you may be asked to change into an exam gown during your appointment to have an electrocardiogram (ECG) performed.

✔ Bring something to take notes during your appointment (e.g., instructions for any diagnostic tests you may be booked for, and any medication changes/new medications prescribed).

Referrer Information | Urgent Consultations

Urgent Consultation Criteria

Urgent consultation referrals are managed through our Rapid Access Cardiology Clinic (RACC™) for the following clinical criteria:

  • Chest pain
  • Abnormal cardiac test results (including ECG) or new/changed physical findings (e.g., murmur). Note this may generate an e-consult or phone consult.
  • New atrial fibrillation/atrial flutter/SVT
  • Dyspnea/"CHF" with evidence of cardiac involvement (echo, NT-pro BNP or Troponin, ECG, MPI)
  • Dyspnea in male >50 years | females >60 years
  • Palpitations if associated with syncope, abnormal echocardiogram, or evidence of arrhythmia on ECG/Holter
  • Syncope with history of heart disease, abnormal ECG/abnormal precordial exam or within setting of documented arrhythmia

If your patient does not meet the clinical criteria for urgent consultation, you can refer to the next available cardiologist or provider of choice. TotalCardiology has cardiologists who speak several languages, including Punjabi, Urdu, Hindu, Mandarin, Italian, and Farsi (Persian). Please visit our physician directory for office information. Wait times vary by office.