Cardiology you can count on

TotalCardiology (formerly Cardiology Consultants) is the largest private cardiology practice in Canada. Founded in 1976 as a two-physician practice by Dr. John Morgan and Dr. Donald Meldrum, TotalCardiology has grown to become one of the largest group of board certified cardiologists and cardiovascular specialists in Canada.

Our dedicated team of 20 cardiologists, together with our multi-disciplinary healthcare professionals, provide comprehensive cardiology consultation, leading edge cardio-diagnostic testing, research and cardiac rehabilitation services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest level of quality cardiac care to our patients.

Our Values

TotalCardiology respects our patients, healthcare team members and our organizational structure and processes.

TotalCardiology is committed to delivering high quality, accessible clinical care and creating exceptional patient experiences.

TotalCardiology seeks ways to improve our service delivery and value to our patients, physicians and healthcare team members.

Teamwork and Collaboration
TotalCardiology promotes the role of teamwork and interpersonal collaboration to actualize our values in community and hospital practice as well as university affiliation.

TotalCardiology is committed to ensuring its long term success through growth, viability and sustainability strategies.

Our Brand

For  comprehensive cardiac care for your patient, count on TotalCardiology to deliver.  Since our founding as Cardiology Consultants in 1976 we have expanded to offer a broad spectrum of services  and today provide comprehensive cardiovascular health care under one umbrella.

From rapid assessment and cardio-diagnostics through to treatment, medical intervention and rehabilitation, TotalCardiology is uniquely structured to triage patients through our services, providing timely and rapid diagnosis and treatment.

Our name emphasizes our renewed commitment to delivering comprehensive and innovative cardiac care by healthcare professionals specifically trained in cardiovascular health.  Our team of Cardiologists have the highest level of medical training in the field of vascular medicine and their strong vision plays a leading role in shaping what cardiac care and prevention will look like in the future. Using a collaborative team approach we are dedicated to delivering clinical excellence with a caring and compassionate nature.