Cardiology you can count on ... Our Vision, Values, and Commitment

When you want excellent and comprehensive direct cardiac care for your patient, count on TotalCardiology to deliver.

We are a group you and your patients have chosen with confidence for almost three decades. We have grown and now expanded to offer more services for you and your patients. Our new name emphasizes our renewed commitment to delivering outstanding complete and innovative cardiac care by those trained specifically to look after heart patients, the Cardiologists.  We have a strong vision and play a leading role in what cardiac care and prevention will look like in the future and are continually reorganizing and innovating to deliver that starting today.  We empower the patient and using a comprehensive team approach we are strongly dedicated to delivering clinical excellence with a caring and compassionate nature.

Meaningful reduction in wait times in the community

We know that providing a strong and supportive community cardiac care, based on well-established principles along with several unique innovations by our group has and continues to form one of the most important solutions to reducing repeat presentations of patients to emergency rooms with their heart symptoms.

Referring doctors in clinics and urgent care centers as well as Emergency Departments at all hospitals in Southern Alberta now have a very clear choice for their heart patients.  We at TotalCardiology see patients rapidly and offer comprehensive care.  Central to our innovation is TotalCardiology's subscription to the "Advanced ACCESS" model for patient care based on the following principles:

  • Single ACCESS point for all your cardiology referrals in the community
  • Rapid ACCESS for all your Clinical Consultations and Cardio-Diagnostic Tests from all health care providers eligible to refer patients including Emergency Departments, Urgent Care Centres and Community Clinics
  • Exceptional patient care and a positively unique patient experience by ensuring easy navigation of patients through care pathways for cardiac patients in the community and in the hospital

TotalCardiology delivers community cardiology care that meets today's and tomorrow's demands...

Physicians naturally seek the best cardiac care for their patients with potential cardiac problems but also want a timely service.

At TotalCardiology we believe that quality cardiac care provided by board certified Cardiologists can be delivered in the most timely fashion that meets patients' needs.   With our patient-centered focus this renewed vision along with very unique innovations in community cardiac care created by TotalCardiology complement our genuine commitment to the highest quality patient care.    Your patients' cardiac symptoms are important to us and so providing rapid access to the highest quality comprehensive cardiac care delivered by our team of physicians, nurses, and other healthcare experts is our top priority.